Sketch Co


Sketch Co is a streetwear lifestyle brand - EST Bristol 2013

I ventured into creating my own clothing line when I was only 16 years of age. I had just finished my GCSES at secondary school, so as you can imagine I had A LOT of free time on my hands so started designing away and before you knew it, Sketch Co had begun. 

My brand has been seen along side high street brands such as John Lewis and Peacocks in the Cardiff Does Fashion 2014 fashion show. This was a big moment for my brand and opened many doors. Since then we have worked with several industry experts such as Creative Instincts (Glenn Wallace), Jade Allison, Lauren Brock and Miss Annalieza.

Over the years my company has built up a good social media following with over 20k Instagram followers. 

CEO & Founder

-Faris Khalil